Brand X

Brand X


BRANDX is an extreme sports series based in southern Rhode Island and features the top new talent as well as the many living legends throughout New England. Popular extreme sports such as Surfing, Skate Boarding, Snow Boarding, Backcountry Skiing, and Motocross are featured as well as lesser known sports such as Kite Boarding, Shark Fishing, Rally Driving, and Downhill Mountain Biking.


Up and coming athletes share their budding knowledge, highlight the latest gear and developments, and get the opportunity to strut their stuff while local legends from New England to discuss the roots of the extreme sports in which they compete.

This series is produced for an audience that is interested in local extreme sports, especially those who dream of getting involved in out an extreme sport in the future. We strive to show them what is available in the New England area and give them the tools to break out of the living room and into a more extreme lifestyle.


Season 3 of Brand X is currently airing on the Ocean State Network as part of the Cox Cable Network. New episodes feature a variety of popular extreme sports and activities like surfing triple overheads at Ruggles in Newport, Rhode Island,  as well as those not so well known such as rock climbing and bouldering on the cliffs in Rumney, New Hampshire. See how these athletes train in relentless pursuit of their passions. Brand X gives you a chance to follow them into the gym, to the wall, in the shop or out in the lineup.

New England has a strong history in extreme sports with the first ever X Games held at Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island brought here by surf/skate hero and Rhode Island legend, Sid Abruzzi.

With a history all it’s own within the surfing and extreme sports community, Rhode Island is one of the coolest places in New England to experience the different outdoor adventures the area has to offer.